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Danielle Santilli is a trained singer, songwriter, and meditation teacher. She began her journey in music at just 4 years old, and has been training and performing for over 20 years. In 2010, she was the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship of the Arts, at The George Washington University, where she studied all styles of singing in depth throughout her college years.


Upon graduating, as she was singing multiple gigs a week, she noticed her vocal stamina was not as strong as she would like. It was then that she began to learn more about vocal health and anatomy, and focused on the connection between mind and body, as it relates to the voice and self expression.


Danielle is extremely passionate about teaching music with a holistic approach. In addition to proper singing technique, she helps her students to maintain vocal health, and vocalize with more freedom and ease. As a certified meditation teacher, she also incorporates mindfulness practices that reduce tension, stress, and performance anxiety, and raise awareness, authenticity and confidence! 

In Person Lessons (Lake Worth, FL) & Virtual Lessons Available 


"When I first signed up for singing lessons, I was definitely hesitant. Singing in the shower is easy but singing in front of a person is scary. From the moment that Danielle and I met she made me feel at ease and helped me take risks with my voice. Danielle has a way of both helping and instructing you without judgement. She is an incredibly talented singer with a great deal of patience and a keen ability in communicating with a person in order to maximize his or her talent. I would recommend Danielle to anyone that is looking to become a better singer. She’s awesome!"  -Erik Nissani

"Danielle is a phenomenally talented singing teacher!! Her passion shines through as she light heartedly meets your children exactly where they are at. My daughter not only strengthened her singing voice and abilities, but even wrote a song with Danielle. The bonus is that Danielle is teaching children the importance of deep breathing and mindfulness all while they are being empowered and having fun!

 -Marie Friedman

"We signed our daughter up for vocal lessons with Danielle and have been so impressed with her abilities as a singer and the natural and effective way she conveys that ability to help her students.  It is no small feat to keep a 10-year old interested and Danielle is just a natural singer and natural teacher and she makes it fun.  She is professional, courteous, patient and a legitimate pro musician who has the ability and the desire to teach and help others.  I highly recommend her." -John Whittles 

"I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Danielle. She’s fun and lighthearted during the lesson, yet always catches a flat note or a tight neck and offers a clear and often innovative solution to help me do better.  She incorporates some stretching and self massage to start before the warm up, and I find it both super relaxing and helpful. I also greatly appreciate her focus on singing an actual song - she recognizes the need to do scales and warm up, but also knows that we as students enjoy learning to master a song, and makes sure that is the focus of the lesson.  Danielle finds this beautiful balance of correcting me when I’m not performing at the best of my capabilities (which is exactly what I want), whilst remaining extremely encouraging and fun.  Highly recommend voice lessons with her!" -Donna Harpaz



"Danielle is amazing!! She has an amazing voice and great energy. As the perfectionist I am, she lets me know it's okay to make mistakes



and she also gives me great advice." -Leah Balbo 

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